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On Writing Fiction: Ideas are hard.

On Writing Fiction: Ideas are hard.

There’s a lot of Mad Libs writing going on in Hollywood. For example, here’s the formula for an action movie:

“[Actor] is a loose-cannon [occupation] that doesn’t play by the rules” WHERE Actor = Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Deisel, etc. AND Occupation = cop, secret agent… or, um… lawyer?

A Chaps Brothers Film...

A Chaps Brothers Film…

Ever notice how there are writers who can just churn out book after book after…

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Eddie’s writing tips #3: The Process.

Ideal steps to writing:
1. Write that shit.
2. Edit.
3. Congratulations, you’ve written a book!

Actual steps to writing:
1. Start a project.
2. Delete that shit. It sucks.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary.
4. Finally start writing something good.
5. Drink lots of coffee.
6. Sleep off your caffeine crash.
7. Spend an hour trying to find the right music to accompany your writing.
8. That was hard work. Take a break.
9. Realize you just spent three hours on YouTube.
10. Write some paragraphs.
11. Coffee.
12. Sudden burst of manic creativity. Write for hours.
13. Pass out.
14. Coffee.
15. Stare at computer screen.
16. Get discouraged.
17. Somehow find inspiration.
18. Write.
19. Edit.
20. Congratulations, you’ve written a chapter!

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